Dr. Sonia Toledo

Creating the Culture of Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Melissa Sadin

Understanding Trauma and Empowering Resilience

Colleen Gallagher

Cultivate Intuition to Unite Body, Mind and Spirit

Jenna Moniz

The Science of Heart/Brain Coherence for overall well-being

Debbie Diamano

The Cour Experience of Transformation through Empowering Wellness

Matt Bateman

Montessori as a path for differentiation of learners.

Liz Sue

Empowering Options: Freedom and Stability to create the learning environment that you want through homeschooling.

Peggy Ployhar

Homeschool Strategy in answering to Special Education needs

Ginger Carlson

Child of Wonder: Nurturing Creativity and Natural Curiosity

Summer Meyer

Being Your Own Teacher: Imagine mindfulness practices that transform how you relate to your experiences

Sharron Rose

Qi Gong –Enhance your Life Force Energy, Nourish yourself and Nurture your students

Cecily Cortez

Integrating Montessori Principles into your Learning Environment

Angela Hoover

Organic Learning Connections through Hands of Love

Val Alino

Trust your Journey, Listen to your Heart.

Priya Kartik

Empowering Educators through Communication, Collaboration & Creativity

Brandolyn Thran

Education for children through connecting them with nature.

Val Alino

Project-Based learning to inspire and create collaboration

Bonnie Snyder

The Magic of Heart Thoughtful Mindfulness for Happy and Resilient Parents, Teachers and Kids 

Tyr Throne

Body Mind Integration through Somology

Kathe Hudson

Yoga for children for Holistic health

Lori Souza

Mindset Shift:  How do we create Transformation


Gavin McCormick

The Future of Education in a Post Pandemic World

Jill Diane Bittinger

Teaching with the Soul in Mind in Theory and Practice

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